Game changing scientific innovation

We combine independent expertise in drug development with extensive business and scientific experience to navigate the complex pathway from lab to commercialisation. Our desire to drive scientific innovation is founded on a patient-centric vision, a clear business strategy, comprehensive product protection, and strong development partnerships. Our open information policy keeps our partners informed of our achievements while respecting the need for confidentiality.

A clear business strategy

We work hard to identify and develop drugs with the potential to satisfy the unmet need for disease modifying therapies. TikoMed AB is an investment/holding company that develops projects through daughter companies. We identify and develop molecules for clinical trial then exit projects through a partnering deal or trade sale to biopharmas capable of progressing the drug to market.

Company information

TikoMed AB is a privately owned company based in Viken, Sweden. It is governed by the Laws of the Kingdom of Sweden and was formed in accordance with the Swedish Company Act in 2002.


Anders Kristensson, CEO

Anders has +20 years experience from the Pharma and Biotech industry where he has served in various managerial positions, international and domestic. Before he joined TikoMed he was General Manager for Eli Lilly, Northern European Cluster including the Nordics and Baltics. Anders holds a Master Diploma in Business and Administration from Lund University.

Christine Eklund, Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Christine has +20 years experience in marketing and distribution of veterinary and pharmaceuticals, agricultural and grocery products and most recently comes from Pharmaxim AB where she worked as Marketing Coordinator. She has previously worked at Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health and before that as a nurse in the medical field. She holds an IMA Diploma from LIF and a Get Branded Mastery Course Graduation.

Lars Bruce, Vice President Neurodegeneration - ILB®

VP and Board Member and founder of TikoMed. Lars is leading the research and development program for ILB®, our drug candidate for neurodegenerative diseases currently in clinical development for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Florence Lange, Senior Coordinator - ILB®

Senior Coordinator for ILB project with more than 30 years’ experience as a Management- and Executive assistant and the expertise of working in a growing company from early stage to major international concern. Before joining TikoMed, Florence was involved in building up the organization and the administrative structure of an international start-up project.

Adam Bruce, Vice President Advanced Therapies - IBSOLVMIR®

VP and Chairman of the Board and founder of TikoMed. Adam is leading the research and development program for IBSOLVMIR, our infusion drug candidate for improving outcomes in cell therapies currently in clinical development for Islet Cell transplantation.

Sten Kornfält, Project Leader - IBSOLVMIR®

Sten holds a pharmacy degree from Uppsala University and is a certified project manager. Sten has extensive experience in research, pharmaceutical development and the pharmaceutical industry and has most recently worked as project manager in different small biotech companies and clinical CROs.

Mats Reslow, CMC Director

Mats holds a PhD in Biotechnology at Lund University and specializes in the development of biological drugs. Mats has extensive experience in drug development and most recently came from Novo Nordisk, Denmark where he worked for 12 years with research and development. Mats has previously worked at Pharmacia, Ferring, Bioglan and SkyePharma.

Johan Olsson, Chief Financial Officer

Johan holds a Master Degree of Business Administration from Lund University and specializes in accounting and auditing. Johan has previously worked at Nyström & Partners Revision AB, BJT Consulting AB and Personal Accounting Sweden AB.

Elisabeth Servin, Quality Assurance Manager

Elisabeth has +35 years of experience of working with quality management in development, manufacturing, distribution and clinical trials of medicinal products. She has worked at most of the big pharma companies in Sweden and has also supported companies abroad. Since early 2021 she supports TikoMed from her own registered shareholder's company, running from 2018.

Claus Sundgreen, Consultant Medical Director

Claus holds a medical degree at the University of Copenhagen and a Diploma of Pharmaceutical Medicine from Karolinska Institutet. Claus operates a consulting company with focus on neurodegeneration. Claus was medical director at Orphazyme responsible for the ALS program.


Adam Bruce, Chairman of the Board

More than 20 years of experience of leading innovation and project development in Life Sciences. Founder of TikoMed and has since served as CEO, Chairman, Head of Business Development and is presently VP and Chairman of the Board with focus on the IBSOLVMIR project.

Lars Bruce, Board Member

Inventor with commercial innovations in mechanics, metallurgy, and medicine. Founder of SinterCast, Nasdaq Stockholm.

Pete Zorn, Board Member

Pete Zorn is currently President and Chief Legal Officer at Genevant Sciences, Inc. Prio to joining Genevant Scienses, Inc. he was the Chief Corporate Officer and General Counsel of Albireo Pharma. He brings two decades of life sciences experience as a business and legal executive and as a track record of company-building corporate development. He earned an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and holds a law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Tara Heitner, Board Member

Tara Heitner, PhD, MBA. has over 15 years of international experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Her experience includes the development and commercialization of early-stage drug discovery technologies and more. Dr. Heitner earned a PhD in Chemistry from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She earned an executive MBA from Danish Technical University in 2014.

Anders Svensson, Board Member

MD, PhD, associate professor with more than 20 years of experience in academic medicine; his scientific focus is cardiovascular diseases. After a period in academia, Dr. Svensson moved to AstraZeneca, whereas a Vice President he was responsible for the clinical development of cardiovascular — and later gastrointestinal — drugs. In 2007, he moved to Switzerland to lead global clinical development of diabetes and cardiovascular drugs at one of the world’s leading drug companies, F. Hoffmann-LaRoche. After nearly 20 years in leading positions in the global drug industry, with management responsibilities for groups in Europe, the US, and China, Anders Svensson has a great deal of experience in international drug development and an extensive contact network.