Entrepreneurs driving scientific innovation

We combine independent expertise in drug development with extensive business and scientific experience to navigate the complex pathway from lab to commercialisation. Our desire to drive scientific innovation is founded on a patient-centric vision, a clear business strategy, comprehensive product protection, and strong development partnerships. Our open information policy keeps our partners informed of our achievements while respecting the need for confidentiality.

A clear business strategy

We work hard to identify and develop products with the potential to satisfy the unmet need for disease modifying therapies. TikoMed AB is an investment/holding company that develops projects through daughter companies. We identify and prepare molecules for clinical trial then exit projects through a partnering deal or trade sale to biopharmas capable of progressing the drug to market.

Company information

TikoMed AB is a privately owned Company based in Viken, Sweden. It is governed by the Laws of the Kingdom of Sweden and was formed in accordance with the Swedish Company Act in 2002.

Management and Board

Anders Kristensson, CEO
Anders has more then 17 years experience from the Pharma industry where he has served in various managerial positions, international and domestic. Before he joined TikoMed he was General Manager for Eli Lilly, Northern European Cluster including the Nordics and Baltics.
Lars Bruce, Executive Boardmember - ILB
Inventor with commercial innovations in mechanics, metallurgy, and medicine.
Florence Lange, Executive Assistant, Lars Bruce
Executive Assistant skilled in project management, business planning, and logistics.
Adam Bruce, Executive Board Member - IBsolvMIR
Executive Board Member, focused on the development of IBsolvMIR for efficient celltherapies towards commercialization.
Stefan Sallerfors, Chairman
Extensive experience from medical practice. Holds several management and senior positions within the healthcare sector as well as finance, private, and public companies.
Ulf Brasen, Vice Chairman
Former CEO at Tetra Pak, UK. Held board positions in several international companies.
Anders Svensson
Former VP Clinical Development Cardiovascular at AstraZeneca and Roche.
Adam Bruce
More than 20 years of experience of leading innovation and project development in Life Sciences. Founder of TikoMed and has since served as CEO, Chairman, Head of Business Development and is presently Executive Board Member with focus on the IBsolvMIR project.
Jan N. Sandström
Former VP Astra Pain Control AB. Currently board member in several biotech companies.
Lars Bruce
Inventor with commercial innovations in mechanics, metallurgy, and medicine.
Ulf Björklund
More than 30 years' experience in companies such as Pharmacia, CEO of Aprea AB and OxyPharma. He currently holds board positions and serves as Chairman of WntResearch and Lipum. Ulf has managed partner collaborations, financing, and dealing with international regulatory authorities.