LSX Nordic Congress 29-30 August, NASDAQ OFFICE, STOCKHOLM

TikoMed is pleased to announce that our Executive Board Member for IBsolvMIR, Adam Bruce, will be moderating two of the panels at the Biotech and Money meeting, LSX Nordic Congress at the NASDAQ office in Stockholm.

Adam Bruce: I am very happy to have the opportunity to lead the two panels with such excellent panelists. We will be touching upon two of the most important subjects in the successful building of a Biotech, financing and recruitment.

Financing has changed from the traditional Seed- VC models to include several novel options including impact investments, family offices increasingly active, debt, loans and CRO’s with co-funding. We will be presenting a panel with experience from all these aspects of opportunities for funding.

In our board and talent recruitment panel, we will have a high-level and complex discussion about differences between regional vs. internationals qualifications, company vs. government incentives and the more strategic issues of composition and balance.
Representing TikoMed and our projects in Neuroscience (ALS) and Immunology (Cell-transplantation), in the presence of a very distinguished audience, is of course a great honor.

“The LSX Nordic Congress is a high-caliber, senior executive conference and partnering event providing the education, strategies, solutions, and contacts that life science companies need to enable more effective investment, business planning and partnering within their businesses.
The Nordic region has long produced world-leading science and innovation and Nasdaq Nordic is one of the leading hubs for biotech companies in Europe, strengthened further by a hugely active IPO market over the last two years. However, growth and venture funding is lacking compared with other hubs and listed Nordic companies face a number of specific challenges in their ongoing funding, growth, development and internationalisation.
With our relentless focus on quality peer-to-peer discussion, high-level networking and partnering, unique formats and a vetted, high-calibre audience, we will bring together the people that matter to the future of life sciences in the Nordic region to address these challenges and work towards actionable outcomes to help it flourish.”

Adam will lead the below panels:

Investors, bankers and executives discuss new, alternative and innovative capital sources capital which are increasingly playing a role in the Europeaninvestment landscape.
• Are emerging markets funds a new route for
growth capital?
• Which banks and institutions are open to
innovative financing and funding models? When
should debt financing and bridge loans be
• Can a new wave of later stage and crossover
funds bring later stage capital for growth?
• What other innovative financing and business
models can be adopted?

Adam Bruce, Founder and Executive Boardmember, TikoMed
Aris Constantinidis, General Partner, Kreos Capital
Semih Sen, Partner, BioLinka
Sascha Berger, Principal, TVM Capital
Aditya Puri, Partner, Investments, Xeraya Capital

Executives discuss the depth and breadth of talent in the Nordics, and the critical importance of building diverse boards, with the right skill set.
• Does more need to be done to protect against
talent being attracted away to higher-paying
countries in Europe and the US?
• Can international talent be more effectively
attracted to the region?
• How to build and develop the company’s early
team to have the diversity of backgrounds,
experience and perspectives for later success

Adam Bruce, Executive Board Member, TikoMed (moderator)
Julie Silber, Managing Partner, The Blueshirt Group
Jenni Nordborg, Director, National Coordinator LifeSciences, Government Offices of Sweden
Don deBethizy, Chairman, Saniona

29 August 2018 - 30 August 2018